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We believe that the offerings of Healthy Habits through our proprietary 3-6-9 Scalar energy will assure all life can coexist on our planet and live an abundant, healthy and fulfilling life.

Our mission is to help people live a healthier and more prosperous life  . . .   A Better Way of Living. 


We live in volatile times and there has been a MAJOR shift to all things electronic. All of these devices have gotten up close and personal. With these changes come convenience, but they also create a serious problem that most people are not even aware of, Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). By using the Healthy Habits Scalar Energy products, a person is able to Co-exist with the existing Electrical and Electronic products of the modern world without the harmful effects caused by them.

There is a growing chorus of scientists who are shouting out the warnings of human exposure to these frequencies. Brain tumors in children are the major cause of death for young adults. The increase of percentage of Autistic children is a hidden scandal that is under reported and is reaching epidemic proportions. Cancer, Leukemia, Fibromyalgia…. The list goes on and on. It is fair to equate the situation to Tobacco in the 1960’s. There was major denial and obfuscation by the moneyed interests and the truth did not come out until it was forced into the light of scrutiny that demanded it be addressed. We are in the same position today, with the exception that the speed of things like the Internet will cause these changes to happen very rapidly.

EMR affects everyone and for this reason, our POTENTIAL market is the world. Realistically, our intent is to use networking, both multi-level and social, to reach people. Our task is to raise awareness, educate and then enlist people to actively spread the word about the unknown problem and the fact that there IS a solution to Co-Exist with it … our products.