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F.A.Q Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is scalar energy?
A. This perhaps is the ‘million dollar question’. Although it is not possible to give a simple explanation as to what scalar energy is, in laymen terms, we will offer as simple an explanation to this question as possible. From a simple scientific explanation using as little physics terminology as possible; Scalar energy is the result of two identical electromagnetic waves, fields or frequencies from opposite directions colliding or converging into one another. As this convergence occurs the free movement of these identical waves is immediately suspended and they become one stationary energy appearing to be standing still while at the same time the newly formed scalar energy vortex moves faster than light and passes all time and all space and through all solid mass in an immeasurable speed.

Scalar energy is known by many names, ‘standing still energy’, ‘zero point energy’, ‘Tesla energy’, Tachyon energy’, ‘longitudinal energy’ and many other names. Before the identical solitary energies collide they are measurable transverse waves or Hertz an waves, that are projected in a straight line in space and are measurable and detectable using scientific energy field measuring devices. However, upon colliding the two identical fields couple and become longitudinal waves, and in a vortex manner pulsate and occupy all space. This Tesla wave increases in strength and produces a stronger and more powerful wave as it appears to be remaining in one place, hence the names ‘standing still’, ‘zero point’ and ‘standing wave’ names given it. The energy transmission of the scalar waves are one hundred percent, meaning that there is never any loss of strength or velocity. Because scalar energy is not made up of electrons as other forms of energy, it does not require a conduit or lineal matter means of transport as the scalar travels by means of a vacuum occupying all ether.

Because the scalar energy, or scalar wave, is not material like neutrinos, the scalar can travel through any matter and through the earth and all space without any resistance at a speed that is infinite. Scalar energy is frequently referred to as the ‘creative energy’ that magnifies the healthy potentials of all living matter, while at the same time minimizing or completely nullifying the negative and potential harmful effects of electromagnetic waves such as EMF, ELF, VLF, Gamma rays, X-rays, radio waves, microwaves, and other radiations.

Q. Is the scalar enhancement that Healthy Habits uses computer generated?
A. This is a good question. Most people are familiar with the popular plastic wrist bands, the plastic cards and various plastic disks and other products that are reputably enhanced with a computer generated scalar field. Some of these products manufacturers even place up to a one year warranty on the scalar field remaining in the products before a new one has to be purchased. Some of the products are sold from TV infomercials, others by direct sales from vendors, some from MLM companies and some even available from mass merchandisers, like Wal-Mart. Personally, I have never seen or tested a computer energy generated ‘scalar’ device that I would trust, nor recommend to anyone. Perhaps they are beneficial for a short period of time, but can they pass the tests of evidential effects? Does this mean they are without any real value? No, obviously they would not be a multi-billion dollar per year industry if the end consumers did not believe them to be beneficial to some degree. But how much more would these same consumers be impressed with the higher frequencies of Healthy Habits energy fields?

I had the pleasure of meeting a young lady recently that had six of the plastic energy bands on her wrist. She was a very physically fit girl, worked in the fitness industry, and I ask her if I could test her with my 3-6-9 Scalar Medallion. First I had her hold her own cell phone in her hand, and her balancing on one foot I gently applied a little pressure to her arm, and she immediately went off balance, nearly falling. I then had her in the same hand as the cell phone hold my 3-6-9 Scalar Medallion. Again, she balanced on one leg, and again I applied pressure, a lot of pressure to the arm, and she did not budge a fraction of an inch! I ask her if she thought the six energized wrist bands were helping her, or providing any protection from the negative energies of her cell phone. She assured me that she was certain that they were not. I ask her how long she had been wearing the wrist bands, she responded that for the last six weeks. One band for each week, and she knew when they were not effective any longer because her work outs would become more stressful and her energy would drop. So, she would just make a fashion statement and add another wrist band to the collection. So I ask her, why continue wearing what only last for a week? her reply was that it was cheaper than Red Bull’s every day, and less harmful.

Six wrist bands x $20.00 equals $120.00 and for $120.00 for six weeks of energy support, she could have owned a Healthy Habits 3-6-9 Scalar Medallion for only $96.00 retail with a life time warranty.

By that I mean, can one of these plastic cards or plastic wrist bands that have computer embedded scalar preserve the food in your refrigerator, or increase the oxygen in your water, or increase your gas mileage, keep your cut flowers longer in the vase, make you garden plants healthier and more fruitful, make your aged dog or cat more youthful or seemingly make your sleep more restful and dream filled? To me the apparent practical benefits evidenced from the presence of scalar are more reliable and dependable than knowing the scientific and physics explanations of the ‘what, who, where and why’ that merely express theory, and not explanation and evidence of the beneficial and practical applications of the existence of scalar energy.

Q. How are the products of Healthy Habits infused with scalar energy?
A. Without giving out too much primary information that would jeopardize our exclusivity I cannot go into a lot of specific details about our process. But this much I can share. Healthy Habits owns the exclusive methods of scalar and earth friendly frequency embedding. Our method does not use computer technologies or computer frequency enhancements. Nor do our proprietary technologies involve any high heat or cold infusion, laser infusion, or direct current infusion. The simplistic yet highly technical methods we use are based on the old and reliable methods used in homeopathic medicine that merely duplicate, multiply and magnify the frequencies from one or multiple sources, and transfer them into other objects.

To my knowledge Healthy Habits is the first to use this technology and to couple the beneficial frequencies of other earth energies along with the scalar. By in-bedding the lineal frequencies of earth magnetic, negative Ion, Far Infrared, NdFeb Magnetic Energy, Germanium, Quartz Chrystal and over 76 minerals with the scalar energy we have developed a delivery system that embeds all these positive energies into the very cells and molecules of the living things it is exposed to. And as Dr. Lisa Tully explained it in a simplistic manner; “The scalar energy vortex merely acts as a carrier or transport system that moves these linear or transverse energy frequencies where they could not previously go as they are carried by the Tesla longitudinal waves.”

The proprietary system that Healthy Habits has developed has a US Patient applied for, and we fully intend to apply for international patients. And Healthy Habits is going one up on everyone in the industry in applying to be the first registered product of its kind with the FDA and CAM. So, when we say that we have an exclusive and proprietary method of scalar and energy infusion, we are in a class by ourselves! Our current system will be improved on and increased as the global demand for the energizing of materials is increased.

Q. How do you measure the strength of your scalar enhanced products?
A. It seems universal in the ‘energy device’ industry to rely on the familiar hands on testings frequently referred to as ‘muscle testing’, or Kinesiology. Although Healthy Habits does not encourage that the IBO’s solely rely on the familiar strength tests, balance tests, flexibility tests, and taste tests, we know that these popular means of testing prospective customer and clients will continue. But we do not rely entirely on these tests that indeed do create a lot of WOW from the onlookers, as well as the person being tested. However, these forms of testing are not recognized as scientific, and they can be manipulated and influenced. Because we are a society that thrives on instant results, instant benefits, and instant evidence, these tests of increased balance, strength and flexibility do indeed have instant gratification of instant sales!

But it is not all about sales, it is for Healthy Habits the value of benefits, we want to provide each customer and user of our products a sincere and personal desire to maintain a very long relationship, and partnership with Healthy Habits. Therefore we want to encourage our Independent Business Owners to rely on sharing real science and approved non-objective evidence of the benefits of scalar.

For example, before and after graphs and photographs of actual brain scans and EEG’s, before and after documentation using many FDA approved diagnostic testing to evidence the positive change occurred after exposure to the 3-6-9 Scalar of Healthy Habits. These sort of clinically approved tests along with actual scientific studies will be the tools in your Healthy Habits Home School Program, from your personal website. Healthy Habits will never lower our guard and become victims of soap box tactics of hype and psych so typical in the industry. We will not make claims, particularly in the areas of human and animal health, and we strongly prohibit any member of Healthy Habits from making claims. So, what are the alternatives? Truth! Truth never fails, truth is companion ed with the most powerful of all energies, love. And as it is written, ‘truth will set us free’. We will merely make available to the world, and all the Independent Business Owners of Healthy Habits, the actual studies and clinical data, and encourage everyone to read and study the materials, and based on what is revealed to you from those reports, make your own intelligent decision based on logic and not hype.

Measuring the ‘strength’ of our products, beyond the preparatory infusion and magnification process we use, is basically only measurable in the level of positive benefits derived. So, let each person be his or her testimony as to the positive changes witnessed and experienced with the Healthy Habits 3-6-9 Scalar energy devices and supplements.

Q. Are there any instant tests or demonstrations that can be done with the Healthy Habits 3-6-9 Scalar devices other than the popular physical tests of strength, balance and flexibility improvements?
A. Yes, the ice cube test is an impressive test. Simply take two ice cubes of equal size, place your Signature 3-6-9 Medallion on a napkin or paper towel, place the other energy device on a same size napkin or paper towel, then place equally sized ice cubes on each of the energy devices. Now, just observe which ice cube returns to its liquid state the fastest. Every time I have done this test, the ice cube on the 3-6-9 Medallion is completely gone while much of the other ice cube is still sitting there on the other energy device. What does this illustrate? The 3-6-9 scalar field is reducing the molecular structure of the solid water molecule much faster to a nano size and bringing it back to the liquid state.

The taste test is always something that provides instant results. For this test you can use a lemon, lime or glass of cheap bitter wine, or dill pickle juice or apple cider vinegar. Simply touch the food or beverage to be tested with your 3-6-9 Scalar Medallion for a second or two, and having an equal portion of the food or beverage not exposed directly to the 3-6-9 Scalar Medallion. Have your subjects taste first the samples not exposed to scalar, then have them taste the scalar treated food or beverage. What does this indicate? Immediate change in the molecular structure, the wine now smells better, and has a better taste to the palate. The lemon, lime, vinegar or dill pickle has less sour bite and a softer aroma.

Another test you can do, the ‘Mr. Clean’ test. Have a person use their favorite window/glass cleaner on a mirror or window or kitchen appliance, like an oven door window or microwave door window. Only cleaning half the test object with the favorite window cleaner, then the second half with just water that has been exposed to the 3-6-9 Scalar Medallion. The evidence of the scalar enhanced water being more effective as a cleaning agent again illustrates the immediate effect of the scalar reducing the molecular bond structure of the water molecules making the water wetter, and increasing the oxygen molecules, as the water becomes truly a superior lubricator and cleaner, as well as a sanitizer.

And speaking of the ‘Mr. Clean’ test, think of laundry! I am amazed at how many people share with me that the Healthy Habits 3-6-9 Medallion in the laundry eliminates the need for fabric softeners, detergents and brighteners and whiteners. They report that the laundry comes out cleaner and fresher than with all the chemicals! Then, they remove the sock with the 3-6-9 Medallion and put it into the dryer with the cloths, and no dryer sheets, and the results reported are fluffier cloths than using the toxic drier sheets!

Q. What does the 3-6-9 stand for?
A. The numbers 3, 6 and 9 are the most powerful numbers in Quantum Science and Physics. They are the root numbers to all equations and hold the most powerful energies. For some people, they immediately think we have resorted to some New Age numerology ‘hocus pocus’ stuff. I assure you, from a Biblical perspective and the Quantum Science perspective, these number are the key numbers to the vastness of the universe. The number three for example represents from a Biblical perspective, the Trinity God Head. The number six represents man, and the number nine represents infinity or completeness. From a nutritional standpoint involving these numbers, can you think of elements that are required for health and life that use these numbers? How about the Omega 3-6-9 fats?

To Healthy Habits these numbers simply reflect on the Quantum balance and everything we do as far as product development, and even our unique copyrighted compensation plan, are based on the Quantum equations of 3-6-9. The ‘father of scalar energy’, Nikola Tesla, was adamant about using these numbers, particularly the 3, to validate any equation or theory he was working on.

Q. Where are the products of Healthy Habits manufactured?
A. Currently Healthy Habits, being a new company, we are not in a position to do our own manufacturing and processing of materials and developing a product from start to finish. However those are our long term goals. For now Healthy Habits partners with suppliers on a global scale to provide raw materials and to do the manufacturing to our specifications. When possible, Healthy Habits will always seek to use USA suppliers and manufacturers. We will also strive to do business with many of our global partners where Healthy Habits is doing business. For example, currently Healthy Habits 3-6-9 Scalar Medallions are sold in the Philippines, in Germany, the Greek Islands, Mexico and we will look for unique products from those countries to being into the Healthy Habits product offerings. Regardless of what the product is, or where it comes from, it is not a finished product until the proprietary 3-6-9 Scalar Infusion has been done, and that is done only by us, before it is delivered to you!

Q. Can anything be infused with Scalar energy?
A. Yes, virtually anything! As a matter of fact, if you wanted to have your wedding bands infused with the 3-6-9 Scalar Energy, all you need to do is send them to Healthy Habits for the process. And for a lifetime those rings will have the scalar energy to share with you and your partner! We have even scalarize horse harnesses, dog collars, and favorite books!

Q. Is the 3-6-9 Scalar medallion safe for people with pacemakers or other medical implants?
A. To the very best of my knowledge the combined energies that are with the scalar in the 3-6-9 Signature Medallion are perfectly safe and non reactive to any medical implant. But keep in mind that there are no two identical people and every single person is an original work of art. Therefore, being as we are not cookie cutter produced, every person needs to do the responsible thing and if they have a cardiac implant, such as a pace maker, then they should involve their doctor in any decision they make pertaining to their medical history.

I am confident that if I were one of the millions of Americans that had an implanted pacemaker in my heart, I would want the scalar energy to enhance my over all circulation and cardiac energy. But I am not in that position, and if I were, I think I would at least give the professional courtesy to my cardiologist to involve him, or her, in the decision to add the 3-6-9 Scalar Medallion to my protocol.

The best advise we can ever offer a friend with similar concerns is; listen to your own body, be in tune to the subtle changes, any change in life style might produce. Diet, exercise, supplements, increase in water consumption and introduction of new energies, even if they are healthy energies, can bring about cleansing symptoms that frequently can be misinterpreted as not good, when in truth they are very good. None the less, listen to your body and do not over expose yourself to these new energies too quickly in the beginning. When it comes to the energy frequencies of the 3-6-9 Signature Scalar Medallion, in the beginning the moderation rule frequently is the best policy!

Q. I have seen advertisements about the “known benefits of scalar energy” that list among other things, reduction of cancer cells, increased sex drive, repair of the DNA, and increased memory; does Healthy Habits have access to these benefits, and do they apply to the products of Healthy Habits?
A. We are all aware of these bullet point lists that make one think that Scalar energy can replace every know therapy and treatment for disease that is in the Merck Manual. And if you Google “scalar pendant” you will come up with hundreds, if not thousands, of sites using these bullet point references.

We know for a fact that the major importer of scalar enhanced lava rock pendants got into serious trouble with the FDA over these bullet points of “known benefits”. We had an order of over $170,000.00 value held up at US Customs for a couple months while the FDA investigated the products and the company. After a couple months of evaluating the materials the company supplied, brochures, books and website, it was determined that the company was ‘making undocumented claims’, and it was the bullet points in question that got that shipment of pendants sent back to Malaysia.

Healthy Habits will refrain from using such eye catching and attention getting bullet points. We will however make available to our Independent Business Owners and customers the scientific studies that perhaps offer conclusive evidence of the many benefits of scalar energy. And in like manner, we will also provide good studies to enlighten the consumer to the many potential benefits of the other frequencies and energies we infuse into our products and supplements.

Q. What is the main thrust of Healthy Habits targeted marketing? What is the need that Healthy Habits products supply?
A. Both are good questions, and although separate questions are answerable with the same answer. Solutions! We believe from all the conclusive studies available that the number one threat to the health of everything on this planet are the invisible, odorless, tasteless and ever present man made electromagnetic frequencies. Many world health organizations are recorded as proclaiming EMF, ELF, and electromagnetic frequencies as the ‘asbestos of the 21st century. The World Health Organization has declared that all appliances using electricity are the main sources of ELF fields, computer screens, security systems and anti-theft devices as the main sources of Intermediate Frequency fields, while radio, television, radar, microwave ovens, cellular phone towers, and cellular phones are the main sources of RF fields and combined these energies induce potentially harmful currents within the human body. Many concerned scientist and conscious professionals offer advice to lower the exposure risks, but no one has brought to the table any real viable solutions. And unless someone intervenes with more than just suggestions for lessening ones exposure to these potentially deadly frequencies, then the ‘black plague’ of the 21st century will surely cause more havoc on the world populations of humans, and every living thing on this planet.

Electromagnetic contamination to the human body increases with each passing day. We are not claiming that Healthy Habits holds all the solutions. We are not implying that Healthy Habits is the only company addressing these serious issues. But what we do have, the 3-6-9 scalar enhanced products and nutritional products, are a viable step in the right direction to offer real solutions for very real problems! Healthy Habits goes far beyond just offering cutting edge technologies of infusing healthy earth energies with scalar energy into personal devices and whole food supplements. Healthy Habits is poised to be the leader in taking affirmative actions in presenting viable solutions to the world in real education to bring to peoples awareness the issues at hand, and to encourage and educate the people of the world how to adapt healthy habits that will offset and perhaps negate the many dangerous effects of over exposure to these dangerous man made frequencies that we cannot escape.

Now, to answer the questions more to the point, the world is our market, and every living human being and their pets are our customers. We have a niche market that happens to include the entire global population and we will bring this gift of love in the spirit of offering real solutions to a mountain of problems that will not go away. And although Healthy Habits does not claim to have all the solutions, we will continue to pursue truth and find healthy solutions to provide protection to the occupants of the planet we call home. A percentage of all profits from Healthy Habits global sales will be donated to research and development of protective measures against the invisible killers.