What is 3-6-9 Scalar Energy?

Even though Scalar Energy has existed since the beginning of time, Nicola Tesla (1856-1943) brought the harnessing of this incredible energy to the world. When he passed in 1943, the government confiscated all of his research notes and drawings. It is only recently that quantum physicists have started to rediscover and understand how to make use of it.

Believing that all life is based on energy as the foundation of healthy living, our proprietary process of infusing scalar energy at the perfect earth resonating frequency of 12 Hz is infused into each and every product of Healthy Habits-USA.

What makes these proprietary energies so unique in the industry of ‘energy medicine’ is that the cold fusion, non-direct current electrical, non-computer software generated system of scalarization envelopes or sandwiches other beneficial earth frequencies such as far-infrared, negative-ion, NF Magnetic and many other frequencies such as rare earth minerals and botanical frequencies into the scalar field.

The proprietary collection and selections of beneficial frequencies are compounded and delivered into the proprietary cold infusion technologies much in the same fashion and delivery system of homeopathic compounding. This unique process, according to leading quantum physicists, allows the scalar energy to carry these beneficial energies where they would not normally be capable on their own to go in the body. This energy embedding process is the foundation to the Healthy Habits-USA product offerings, and the global branding of Healthy Habits-USA opportunity to offer everyone “a better way of living.”

Explaining “why the Healthy Habits Quantum 3-6-9 proprietary energies protect us from EMF and ELF radiations” can get into some very long and specific science. We certainly do not want to give the impression that all of our distributors that are home makers, plumbers, lawyers, bakers, and taxi drivers all of a sudden have to become quantum scientists or engineers. So keeping it simple from the perspective that we prefer to have our associates and customers do, we simply look at the “cause and effect”.

Many companies (good companies with good products) give the impression that if you wear their magic necklace or bracelet, or wave their magic wand around a troubled area on the body, some mysterious shield of protection, like an Iron Man armored suit, will ward off all those dangerous invisible bullets of electrical smog! We have never seen any scientific evidence of that being true for their products, nor ours. However, our physicists and scientists that test our products (and our competitions) assure me that what our Quantum 3-6-9 energies do is simply elevate our bodies own natural defense systems to the higher levers of cellular frequencies where the body will naturally be more resistant to the unhealthy radiations and stress agents we are exposed to. Healthy cells resonate at a measurable frequency of 70 millivolts and above. The proprietary energies embedded into our supplements and our medallions as well as our bamboo charcoal body gear supports the higher energies of the cells while preforming many complementary functions in the body such as increasing circulation, alleviating inflammation, improving electrical communication and balance in both hemispheres of the brain and even increasing the happy hormones that help many people experience depression and sadness less frequently.

Another interesting phenomena about these mysterious combinations of our Quantum 3-6-9 energies, unlike the products from Q-link, Tachyon, and every other brand name we am aware of, when our medallions are worn under a garment or in a pocket going through electronic security systems, our devices are not detected by the systems. Like so many unique features of our proprietary energies and the technologies involved, not even our quantum scientists and engineers can explain why the stainless steel becomes invisible to the radiations and the eyes of these highly tech security systems at airports, military installations and government buildings. Like the popular response from the priest when asked a spiritual question he has no text book answer to; “It’s a mystery!”

A commonly asked question about the meaning of 3-6-9 requires too much information to explain in detail, but the numbers from a scientific quantum perspective as well as a spiritual perspective have very significant meanings. In the 1200 page book we are still patiently waiting to publish, (“Practical Applications Of Scalar Energy”), each of these questions are answered in detail. But from a perspective of Quantum science we can simply say that these are the root numbers that in quantum physics are considered ‘creative numbers’. Nikola Tesla said regarding these numbers, “If you knew the significance of the numbers 3, 6, and 9, you would hold the keys to the universe.” From a Biblical perspective the numbers are also extremely powerful. The Prophet Daniel prayed faithfully at the hours of 3, 6 and 9. The Three Dimensional God is represented by the number 3 (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). The number 6 represents man, as man was created on the 6th day. And the number 9 represents the Alpha and the Omega, as well as infinity or eternity. And interesting enough, in quantum science and quantum engineering the number 9 has the same principle and definition. It could be said that nine is the number of scalar, because scalar is said to have “no beginning and no end”, the alpha and omega.

All of these facts relating to the numbers 3-6-9 are significant in incorporating and trademarking them into our corporate branding. But from a purely scientific perspective, the numbers are very significant in our proprietary process of Tesla cold infusion of the many energies we incorporate into our process. Our founder, Dr. Stone, thought it appropriate to honor the work and the memory of the father of scalar energy, Nikola Tesla, by branding our products and the unique technologies in which those products are energized with the numbers that Tesla used to validate all his quantum theories and formulas.

Healthy Habits-USA is on a very steady growth pattern. Keeping everything pretty much as organic as possible, we are seeing the momentum picking up, and it, to this point, is all about the powerful product offerings and the astounding testimonials we receive almost daily.